Timber framing is a traditional building system where structures are comprised of timbers fastened together with hand cut wooden joinery and secured with wooden pins, also referred to as tree nails. The craft uses locally sourced materials worked by local hands. 

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"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"

- Aristotle

Wood is a renewable resource. A careful and thoughtful approach to each project ensures that our work honors the forest and the trees it provides. Trees in a forest care for each other. We believe it is our responsibility to build sustainably and preserve our environment.


Timber frames shelter us with beauty. It is important to reflect on the connection between mood and environment and the relationship our buildings have with the forest and environment. 

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We believe in honest work. Our work with wood is a reflection of this. Timber framing is an exemplary image of the beauty of form and function.  


Take to the forest. Trees unite to create fully functioning ecosystems. Time spent in nature is good for us, reconnecting with the natural environment and inspiring our lives.